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CBRE Group, Inc. is the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm, with 2018 revenues of $21.3 billion and more than 90,000 employees (excluding affiliate offices). CBRE has been included in the Fortune 500 since 2008, ranking #146 in 2019. CBRE offers a broad range of integrated services, including facilities, transaction and project management; property management; investment management; appraisal and valuation; property leasing; strategic consulting; property sales; mortgage services and development services.


CBRE Global Investors, combined with CBRE Clarion Securities and CBRE Caledon, is one of the world’s leading real asset investment managers with $107 billion in assets under management.

Built up over more than 40 years, our unparalleled platform is focused on real assets, giving our institutional clients access to real estate and infrastructure in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. Our clients benefit from a complete range of investment solutions including equity and debt, direct and indirect, and listed and unlisted strategies.

Trammell Crow Company, founded in Dallas, Texas in 1948, is one of the nation’s oldest and most prolific developers of, and investors in, commercial real estate.The CBRE Global Investors and Trammell Crow Company platforms make up the Real Estate Investments division of CBRE Group.

The Real Estate Investments division is led by
Danny Queenan, Global CEO, Real Estate Investments.


Regularly released content on the state of the real estate and infrastructure industry are produced by our subject matter experts and shared on their blogs. A selection of them can be found below.

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We believe infrastructure is an essential part of a diversified investment portfolio.  An infrastructure asset is one that marries a physical asset essential to society’s function with predictable long-term cash flows. As infrastructure assets are typically monopolistic, they provide a low-risk way to diversify while the duration and resilience of the cash flows can give investors attractive income and growth potential.

Growth in demand for the asset class is coming from the growing need to upgrade and improve existing infrastructure in developed markets, and the need for new infrastructure in developing countries driven by economic, population, and urbanization trends.

A global listed infrastructure strategy may benefit from the liquidity of the equity markets which allows the flexibility to efficiently reallocate the portfolio to capitalize on a market opportunity or to mitigate risk. An allocation to Global Listed Infrastructure may provide attractive income and total returns while typically exhibiting low volatility and low correlation to traditional asset classes.

In an asset class where on-the-ground presence is essential to building relationships, underwriting market potential, assessing regulatory risk and identifying investment opportunities, our team can leverage and benefit from CBRE’s extensive global network and our research locations worldwide.

Increasing Global

Infrastructure is one of the fastest growing asset classes globally. Growth in demand is coming from the growing need to upgrade, improve, and develop essential infrastructure assets worldwide.

Stable Cash Flow Growth and
Inflation Protection

Listed Infrastructures cash flows and dividends benefit from contractually driven, inflation-linked revenue growth which may provide a hedge against rising inflation and rising interest rates.

Attractive Risk-Adjusted

A combination of historically attractive total returns and lower volatility means that infrastructure may provide stability and reduce portfolio risk as part of a multi-asset portfolio.


CBRE Clarion’s Global Listed Infrastructure Strategy seeks to generate meaningful outperformance versus the global infrastructure securities market.  A high conviction risk-aware approach drives our strategy which is unconstrained by index bias. Our investment process is designed with the goal of adding value through both fundamental research-driven asset allocation and superior stock selection.  We focus the portfolio’s investments on companies that own, manage, develop, or operate core infrastructure assets which are the essential building blocks of economic growth and vitality.


March 2012


FTSE Global Core Infrastructure 50/50 Index

  • Separate Accounts
  • Mutual Fund
  • UCITs

  The unique asset profile and investment characteristics of global listed infrastructure companies may provide predictability of earnings and dividends, which are relatively immune to traditional market cycles and are typically less volatile than traditional global equity investments.


Midstream Energy

Midstream Energy




Gas and Water



Cellular Towers
Data Centers



Toll Roads

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Midstream Energy and MLPs
CBRE Clarion's midstream energy and MLP strategies are designed to help investors benefit from the growth in energy production and related infrastructure investment in the U.S. and Canada. Portfolios are actively managed with the goal of providing clients with attractive total returns and high current income.  We seek to achieve our goal through a combination of a top-down analysis of energy sector trends and bottom-up stock selection. Our proprietary analysis identifies companies we believe have the most attractive combination of distribution safety, distribution growth, and valuation. Midstream energy companies and MLPs play a critical role within the energy value chain. They provide the essential link between Upstream energy producers to the Downstream companies which refine and distribute energy-related products. Advances in shale extraction and drilling technologies are contributing to the continued growth in oil and natural gas production throughout North America.
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Global Real Estate
Our global real estate strategies are managed with the goal of delivering attractive long-term risk-adjusted returns. Our investment approach combines fundamental market knowledge and listed market expertise with a disciplined and systematic investment approach. We seek to add-value through top-down research-driven portfolio design and bottom-up securities selection based on intensive and proprietary fundamental company analysis. Our global strategies invest primarily in the developed markets of North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific but may make opportunistic investments in emerging market economies. We maintain diversified exposure to commercial real estate sectors including office, retail, industrial, residential, healthcare, and hotel properties.
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U.S. Real Estate
Our flagship real estate offering, the CBRE Clarion Real Estate Strategy provides diversified exposure to the U.S. commercial real estate sectors. The portfolio provides exposure to the range of property sectors including office, retail, industrial, apartments, healthcare, hotels, and other emerging property sectors including student housing and datacenters. The strategy is available through a separate account or through a mutual fund and variable annuity products.
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Global Real Estate Income
CBRE Clarion’s Global Real Estate Income Strategy is managed with the goal of delivering a consistent and high-level of dividend income and potential for capital appreciation. With an emphasis on property sectors and companies with above average yield and growth prospects, this strategy provides clients with globally diversified exposure to income-producing real estate securities including Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and preferred securities issued by U.S. equity REITs. Our global real estate income strategy invests primarily in the developed markets of North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific but may also make opportunistic investments in emerging market economies. The portfolio provides exposure to the range of property sectors including office, retail, industrial, apartments, healthcare, hotels, and other emerging property sectors including student housing and data centers.
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Real Estate Long/Short
CBRE Clarion Securities has been managing real estate long short strategies since 2000 and is a pioneer investment manager in this space. The strategy seeks to maximize return per unit of risk by investing in long and short positions of real estate equity securities that own, operate, and develop commercial real estate properties. Our long/short portfolios provide exposure primarily to the U.S. real estate market but may seek exposure to opportunities in the European and Asia-pacific markets. The portfolio may provide exposure to the range of property sectors including office, retail, industrial, apartments, healthcare, hotels, and other emerging property sectors including student housing and data centers. The strategy is available through a separate account or through a mutual fund.
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